Sorry my dear

I’m sorry that you are itchy and scratching and have all those rashes on your body. I’m sorry that you can’t sleep well at night. I’m sorry for being irritated at you and not being more understanding…

Hope my love and hug here will make you feel a little better. Come to me rashes if you must and get away from my baby!!


wine & dine

Overlooking marina bay sands..the views so stunning & theres a live band playing that night.. the ambience was just perfect for a romantic picnic atop esplanade rooftop..

<33 after we cried, patched up, & got even sweeter together

u took the effort to bring wine & wine glasses  <33           & not to mention….

the forgotten cockscrew…SCREW U!!









the best spinach soup i’ve tasted thus far !! 🙂

delicious eggplant sandwich

claimed the singtel gift set so we could share it 🙂

white chocolate pralines

Our stormy 1st mth anniversary

sorry for destroying the romantic mood u tried hard to create.. i could tell u put in a lot of effort to plan the nights event. when i cried in ur arms i didnt expect u to have the same reaction. but i was extremely touched when u said that the sight of me crying in ur arms made u so sad that u had to cry..

coz theres a saying:

Guys always make girls cry, but if a girl can make a guy cry, she must really mean something to him.


~ i know u never wanna make me cry ~~

ahah kidding kidding <33 u xoxo